Thursday, October 5, 2017

A Guide To A Narciissist"s Respose To The Misfortunes Of Others

One of my friends asked me for an explanation of narcissism.  The disasters that we had in the last month are a real threat to a narcissist because they encourage those subjected to disaster to focus on themselves instead of the narcissist.  Donald Trump was faced with that problem during his photo op trip to Puerto Rico.  He had to figure out a way to turn the attention to where it really belonged.  That is, to The Donald.  Dana Milbank observed how The Donald shifted all of the attention to himself.  Milbank adapted The Donald's behavior to a book which described how narcissists respond to situations where people are focused more on themselves than they are on The Donald.  Watching a narcissist at work during such a threat tells us all that we need to know about narcissism.  He even brought his trophy wife with him on the trip.  She had no real purpose during the trip.  The Donald uses her to bolster his own image.  Only a very important person like himself can attract and own a trophy wife who shows off the latest fashions even in disaster areas.

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