Monday, October 16, 2017

Paul Krugman Describes Ten Lies Which Are Being Used To Justify Trump's Tax Proposal

In case you would like a simple tutorial, which concisely refutes the lies being used to sell the Trump tax cuts as a plan for the middle class,  Paul Krugman provides readers of the NYT with the top ten lies.  Most of the NYT readers don't need this tutorial.  Trump's base might benefit if they took the time to read "fake news" in the NYT.  They get most of their news from the usual suspects who feed them the lies.  Most of them would rather believe the lies than make an attempt to understand them.  Of course, that is how Trump got elected.  He is a very successful carnival barker.  Many of his supporters voted against Obama's legacy, and against Hillary, more than they did for his economic policies.  He never explained how he would achieve his economic goals.  He just tells his base that he has great goals that are just for them.

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