Friday, October 27, 2017

David Brooks Describes The Selling of The GOP Soul For A Tax Cut

The Republican Senate bowed down to its beloved leader and smugly told the TV news reporters that they were united over the possibility of passing a tax bill that rewarded their donors, which they pretended to be a victory for its populist base.  They also explained that they had to pass a tax cut bill to avoid being humiliated by Trump's base in the 2018 election cycle. They sold their soul in order to preserve their jobs. It did not occur to them that their jobs would not be the same as they were before Trump. They will no longer perform in the service of their nation or the Constitution. Trump will order them to do his bidding.  He has a weapon to use against any Republican who crosses him.  He will tell his base of true believers not to vote for any of them who refuse to obey his tweets. They have made Congress subservient to the executive branch.  It is no longer an equal branch of the government and a check on the power of the power of the president.

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