Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Will Trump Join Bannon's Revolt Against The Republican Party?

Donald Trump won the election with Steve Bannon's help.  Bannon developed the populist strategy for Trump's campaign and Trump is happier performing for that base than he is in running the government.  In order to implement his legislative agenda he has to work through the Republican Congress that has been too divided to produce any legislative victories for him.  Steve Bannon is now running the alt-right fake news organization that he operated before joining the Trump campaign.  He has no use for the Republican "establishment". He plans to support his own candidates in Republican primaries against establishment candidates.  In other words, Bannon wants to turn the Republican Party into an alt-right political party that he can control.  That puts Trump on the spot.  He is dependent upon establishment Republicans in Congress to produce legislative victories but he is happier campaigning with his populist base.  He may have to choose between joining Bannon's effort to take over the Republican Party and working with establishment Republicans to operate the government.  Steve Bannon would be pleased to place Trump in the leadership of the alt-right Republican Party that he is developing.

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