Saturday, October 14, 2017

George Will Compares Trump To Stalin Whose Flaws Were Ignored

George Will is one of our most visible conservative journalists.  His column is syndicated nationally and he is often a contributor on TV news shows.  He begins this article with an attack on Vice President Pence who has been performing as Trump's lap dog in his new job.  He builds up to a much stronger point in his concluding paragraph.  He argues that Trump's unfitness for the presidency was obvious two years ago.  Republicans have been covering for him since he took over the White House and started his attacks on our democratic institutions.  He suggests that the pandering Republicans are much like American Communists who supported Stalin while he transformed communism into totalitarianism.  They deserted Stalin, and his version of communism, only after Stalin made a deal with Hitler.  That was too late.  Stalin, like Trump, was unfit for his job well before his deal with Hitler.  Republicans are making the same mistake with Trump.  Trump's unfitness for his job was visible from the beginning of his campaign.

Those are strong words coming from Mr. Republican.  They may be too late.  Trump's control over the GOP base has been being used to scare Republicans who will face primary elections in states with numerous Trump supporters.  Unlike Stalin, Trump has not murdered his dissenting party members.  He has made them fearful of retaining their jobs.  Some may not like their job as they become another one of Trump's lapdogs.  Unfortunately, many may prefer being a lapdog to being unemployed.  

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