Saturday, October 28, 2017

Meet Roy Moore Who Is Republican Nominee For Alabama Senate Seat

Jennifer Rubin has been one of the conservative voices on the Washington Post and a devout Republican.  She has been a Trump critic who has expected her party to temper his bad behavior.  The Republican nominee for the Senate, who is being supported by  Republican leaders, has caused her to give up hope.  She describes Roy Moore's background in this article and delivers her eulogy for her favorite political party.  She can no longer remain part of a party that shares the values of Trump and Roy Moore.  Our country is being defined a small segment of our society which forms Trump's base.  He will not give them what he has promised them, but Trump understands that his base is his most important asset.  No Republican can win an election without support from Trump's base which he has captured from them.  They were concerned that Trump would form a third party with his base after he lost the GOP primary or the general election.  Instead he has taken over the Republican Party after winning the nomination and the presidency. 

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