Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Trump Typically Selects A Fox To Manage The Chicken Coop

There are two staples of Republican ideology.  They all want to cut taxes, and they have such faith in the wisdom of the market that they hate most government efforts to regulate the economy.  Donald Trump takes that ideology to a much higher level.  This editorial is about his choice of regulators.  He has typically nominated people to head government regulatory agencies who have been opponents of the agency they are supposed to lead.  More often than not they often have relationships with industries that are supposed to regulate.  He recently selected a member of Congress to oversea the agency responsible for supervising the distribution of dangerous drugs who had sponsored a bill that made it more difficult for the government to manage the distribution of opioids. The drug industry supported his nomination, but Trump had to withdraw his nomination after the Washington Post released a report that damaged his credibility.

There is always a tug of war between government regulators and lobbyists for affected industries who try to shape the efforts of regulators to serve their industries.  This article reviews several of Trump's appointees and they seem to be a lot like the nominee that he had to withdraw after his relationship with the drug industry was revealed.  Trump has filled the swamp instead of emptying it.

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