Tuesday, December 12, 2017

David Brooks Equates Trumpism With Radicalism On The Left

David Brooks makes a good case against the radicalism we see among Trump and many of his followers.  They oppose our institutions and they are not swayed by evidence that is inconsistent with their opinions.  That has made Brooks very uncomfortable because he no longer has a political party to promote.  Unfortunately, Brooks had to invoke false equivalence to make his case against Trump's phony populism and his promises to drain the swamp in Washington.  Since there is an absence of left wing radicalism on the left today, Brooks took us back to 1972 when he helped to create a conservative response to left wing radicals like Saul Alinsky.  Bernie Sanders is no Saul Alinsky and he lost the Democratic primary to a center left Hillary Clinton.  Frankly, the absence of  Democratic policy proposals to deal with the real problems faced by many Americans opened the door for Trump to offer radical promises that he has long forgotten.

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