Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Steve Bannon Assumes Leadership Of The New Republican Party

Donald Trump won the GOP primary, and the presidential election, by following Steve Bannon's strategy of attacking the GOP "establishment" and politically correct Democrats.  Bannon is still attacking the GOP establishment and working with Trump to build the GOP base around voters like those in Alabama.  Trump and Bannon support Roy Moore in the Alabama senate race.  Bannon is currently attacking Mitt Romney, for coming out against Roy Moore in the election.  He claims that Romney "hid behind his religion" to avoid serving in the Vietnam war.  Trump's base in Alabama does not respect Romney's Mormon faith and they don't like draft dodgers.  Trump, of course, dodged the draft during the Vietnam war by claiming a medical deferment due to bone spurs in his feet. Bannon understands that the new Republican Party is based upon voters who believe what they want to believe and that his job is to tell them what to believe.  He was forced out of his job in the White House but he has taken a leadership position in Trump's Republican Party as the head of Breitbart News which is leading the Alt Right movement in the US.  The Republican Party that Romney once led is dead.  It is dependent upon the electorate that Bannon is developing, and on billionaire donors who fund Republican campaigns so that they can capture the government.

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