Tuesday, December 12, 2017

HIger Education Bill Proposed By Betsy Devos Assists For Profit Colleges In Scams

Donald Trump's for-profit college defrauded students.  Trump University was shut down and he had to pay a $25 million fine for promising jobs to students upon graduation without appropriate training.  Trump University and other for-profit colleges took advantage of student loans backed up by a government guarantee.  The government ended up paying for defaulted loans by students who were not provided with the skills required for employment.  The Obama administration tried to fix that problem by holding the for-profit colleges accountable for a portion of the defaulted loans.  Betsy Devos, who is the new head of education in the Trump administration is an advocate for private for-profit schools.  Her proposal eliminates many of the Obama rules that were established to protect students from places like Trump University.  Her plan also eliminates the use of credit hours as a key metric in the awarding of degrees.  That would allow for-profit schools an opportunity to award degrees to students without any save guards on graduation requirements. 

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