Friday, December 8, 2017

Democrats Should Ignore Low Information White Men And Sweep The Woman Vote

Jennifer Rubin is one of the conservative intellectuals on the Post who has been repelled by Trump's takeover of her political party.  Democrats have been brainstorming about how they can recapture the white males in the Rust Belt who jumped parties to elect Trump.  She argues that they would be more successful recruiting suburban women who voted for Trump.  She explains why they would find more switchable women taking yoga lessons than they might get from men in the Rust Belt who never expected Trump to do much more for them than other politicians have done.  She also provides some excellent messages that Democrats might use to sell themselves to women.  For example, it makes a lot of sense to explain how Trump's tax plan will make college more expensive for their children, or how it will make grad school more, and why Medicaid won't fund senior care for their parents, than it does to critique technical issues in the plan.

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