Thursday, December 14, 2017

How Trump Lies About His Impact On The Economy

One of the ways in which Trump lies or misleads us about the economy is that he changes his mind about important economic indicators.  For example, during the Obama administration he claimed that the low unemployment rate was meaningless because the statistic itself was faulty.  Now he brags about the low unemployment rate that his policies created.  The same thing is true about the performance of the stock market.  He claimed that presidents have no impact on stock prices when stock prices rose during the Obama administration.  Of course, now he takes credit for the performance of the stock market. When the stock market falls he will deny any relationship between his policies and falling stock prices.  If Trump managed a football team he would probably change the point system so that his team did well no matter how it performed.

For those who are interested in how the economy has performed under Obama and Trump, using the usual statistics,  this article contains the relevant data.

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