Saturday, December 30, 2017

Why Trump's 30 Minute Interview With NYT Is Very Troubling

Donald Trump's interview with the NYT produced 24 lies or misleading statements about a number of topics.  We are accustomed to Trump's tweets, which are primarily intended for his base, that are less than truthful. Its hard to understand why Trump would attempt to mislead a NYT reporter.  He must know that the reporter will fact check the statements that he makes and that they will not filter down to his base.  Trump must really believe some of the statements that he made, and some of his comments indicate a profound lack of understanding about important topics like trade deficits.  In either case, it is very troubling. Trump has a deep need to interpret events in a way that bolsters his ego.  He is also ignorant about important matters. We can't expect him to make good judgements about important matters that every president faces.  We can no longer dismiss his comments simply as red meat for his political base which he understands very well.  His narcissism and ignorance is malignant.

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