Friday, December 8, 2017

Donald Trump Has Over Achieved In One Area Beyond Dispute

A professor at that University of Virginia did a research project on lying behavior.  This is the only study that I have ever read on this subject. It is not a mainstream topic in academic psychological research. However, it does offer some unexpected insights.  For example, it classified lies into reasonable categories and it described norms on the frequency of lies within each category.  This article describes Donald Trump's lying behavior relative to the norms that it found in the general population.  Donald Trump has no peer as a liar.  He lies "bigly" compared to the general population and he excels in one particular category of lying.  A large percent of his lies were intended to harm others.  Most of our lies are intended to protect ourselves, or simply to get along with others.  Donald Trump has managed to convince a small percentage of Americans that he is truthful.  After all, we all tend to believe what we want to believe, and Donald Trump excels at telling a small percent of our population what they want to believe.  Of course some of his supporters could care less about whether he is lying or telling the truth.  They only care whether his lies serve their purposes.  That was good enough to put him into the White House.  We will have to see how long he prevails given his defenders in the media who earn their living serving the same market that Trump has targeted.  Some in their target market belong to places like Mar-A-Lago but most of them just want someone to tell them the lies that want to hear.

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