Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Donald Trump Does A Terrible Job Playing Our "Fearless Leader"

Donald Trump realizes that autocrats must convince their supporters that they are strong and brave enough to protect them from danger.  Part of the game is to increase the level of fear in their base.  The other part is to demonstrate strength and "manliness" in the face of danger.  Our fearless leader chose to use his powerful Twitter account to demonstrate his manliness.  He claimed that he would have personally attacked the gunman who used his assault weapon to murder 17 people at the Parkland school in Florida if he had been in the building at the time.  Its lucky for him that he was not present during the shootout because he has a poor record of responding bravely in the face of danger.  During the Vietnam war he sought and obtained a deferment due to bone spurs in his heel.  He has also been captured on film reacting to danger in a very unmanly fashion.  The Trumpster is much better at demonstrating power by issuing tweets from his bedroom in the White House while watching cable news.  He is more comfortable insulting enemies and barking commands over the Internet than he is in the presence of danger or retaliation. He is also comfortable speaking powerfully in front of true believers like those at his campaign rallies and far right conservatives at the recent CPAC meeting.  That's pretty easy.  He only has to tell them what they want to hear.  For example, he told the CPAC audience that we should give teachers guns to protect students from deranged individuals armed with assault weapons.  That, of course, echoes one of the party lines from the NRA which keeps conservatives informed about how to protect their Constitutional right to own assault weapons. All statements from the NRA are automatically accepted as biblical truths by CPAC.  Gun manufacturers also love the idea that more guns are needed to protect us from gun owners who want to murder innocent children with assault weapons.  If we did that, we may even be able to protect our students without having our fearless leader available in schools during an attack.

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