Sunday, February 4, 2018

The Republican Party Is Now The Party Of Donald Trump

Donald Trump had a rocky start with the Republican Party during the GOP nomination campaign.  He also had a tough time winning the support of many Republicans during  the presidential campaign.  His romance with the Republican Party has now blossomed into wedlock.  His populist rhetoric during the presidential campaign was a smokescreen.  His policies, after capturing the White House, have been on the far right of the Republican spectrum.  His success at selling the Republican tax plan cemented his relationship with the GOP donor class.  That, combined with the populist base that he has secured, has cemented his control over the Republican Party.  He owns the GOP donor class as well as its Southern and rural populist base.  There are only a few dissenters in the GOP who do not face an election that they would lose if attacked by Trump.  Like many other Americans they are concerned that Trump is a threat to the rule of law that always been supported by both of our political parties.  Trump, like other autocrats, only cares about consolidating his personal power.

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