Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Living With An Abusive Husband Named Rob Porter

Rob Porter played a key role in the Trump Administration.  He was unable to get a security clearance because investigators discovered that he had abused his two wives.  Trump was forced to get rid of Porter when his abusive relationships were made public.  Trump is very familiar with the role of an abusive husband and he has defended Porter by calling for due process which might show that the claims by Porter's two wives. and his ex girl friend, are false. 

This article is from one of Porter's two wives.  She describes the forms of abuse that she had endured and how it turned a strong woman into a broken woman suffering from depression.  Her story is similar to the story told by Porter's other wife and by his ex girl friend.  Rob Porter was as good at abusing his female partners as he was at serving his fellow abuser who resides in the White House./

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