Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Its Time To Vote NRA Prostitutes Out Of Office

Tom Friedman describes what Republican lawmakers get in return for blocking reasonable changes to gun laws in the US.  They get $174,000 per year in salary and they get free parking at Reagan National Airport.  They will do just about anything to hang on to their jobs.  They also understand that they could lose their jobs if they take any actions that concerns the NRA.  Those who receive campaign contribution from the NRA will have to find other sources and the NRA will do what it takes to turn NRA voters against them.  Friedman believes that some of them may have difficulty with their NRA deal when they see young children being shot in schools but most of them are more worried about losing $174,000 and free parking at Reagan National Airport. 

Friedman was encouraged by students at the most recent shootout who would like politicians to take actions that will keep more of them alive.  He understands, however, that there is only one solution that will protect them.  They, and other Americans must go to the polls and take away their $174,000 jobs and their free parking at Reagan National Airport.  Nothing else will work.  Its hard to get prostitutes to seek a more honorable profession when they have such a nice gig with the NRA.

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