Friday, February 16, 2018

The Politicians that Have Received The Most Funding From The NRA

We had another mass shooting in Florida.  A troubled teenager who had been expelled from the school used an assault rifle (AK 15) to randomly murder 17 people.  He had a record of depression, violence, and an attraction to guns.  He bought the assault rifle legally.    

After each of these senseless shootings, that are becoming more common,  our politicians announce that they deplore gun violence and they typically tell the relatives of the victims that they are praying for them.  So far, their prayers have not been very helpful.  That is because the NRA has been very generous  to the politicians that pray for the victims.

This article lists the politicians who have received the most funding from the NRA over the years.  They are  all Republicans.  They have received millions from the NRA which secures their votes.  Their prayers fall on deaf ears.  The victims are gone forever but they will win their elections.  The NRA, with help from Republican politicians, has also spent millions warning Republican voters that they have to defend their rights to guns, guaranteed by the Constitution, to prevent government from taking away their beloved guns.  They even oppose regulations that might make it more difficult for troubled individuals and criminals to purchase guns, including assault weapons.  By purchasing politicians with millions of campaign contributions, and by training Republican voters to defend their constitutional rights to weapons from government regulators,  the NRA is responsible for the gun violence that has become too common in the US.  The prayers from the politicians who protect their business interests are meaningless to the victims.

This article, by a conservative who believes in gun rights,  argues that Republican support for the NRA will eventually lead to its demise because the majority of Americans would like to see more control over access to weapons of mass destruction.  Unfortunately, that is not likely to happen.  The fervor that the NRA has created among Republicans is much stronger than the concerns that most people have after one of the mass shootings.  Nothing is done after a mass shooting and those who are horrified by the shooting quickly forget about it.  The NRA and most Republicans do not forget. The only way to defeat the NRA is for Americans who mourn the mass shootings to be more active politically.  They must be more active in elections than the NRA.  It won't be easy.

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