Sunday, February 4, 2018

Paul Ryan Shows How The GOP Sells The Tax Plan

The GOP strategy for selling the tax plan in which 83% of benefits go to the top income earners is quite simple.  Paul Ryan showed how it works in a tweet.  The plan throws some crumbs to low wage earners, that disappear after the 2020 election, so that plutocrats get permanent tax cuts.  Ryan tweeted that a secretary got a $1.50 week increase in her pay check from the tax plan that she can use to pay for her annual fee at Costco to purchase discounted consumer goods.  The Koch family, will receive billions over time from the tax cut.  They rewarded Paul Ryan with a $500,000 campaign contribution.  That was Ryan's crumb for delivering billions to the Koch family.  He did a little better than the secretary but he came cheap.  The tax cuts will increase federal debt by around $1.5 trillion over the next 10 years.  Paul Ryan's career has been based on selling himself as a fiscal conservative who will reduce the federal debt burden.  Since the tax plan has the opposite effect, Ryan will use the budget deficit to justify large cuts in entitlement programs.  This is how Republican populism works.

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