Monday, February 5, 2018

Why Trump Cannot Bring Back The 1950's US Economy

Donald Trump promised to make America great again by creating jobs in manufacturing and in the coal industry.  That helped him to win enough votes in the rust belt to win the election.  However, there are many reasons why Trump's promise to restore of the US economy in 1950 cannot be realized.  This article explains why Trump's MAGA slogan was only a slogan.  It explains why manufacturing jobs as a share of the US labor market will never come close to its share in 1950.  Jobs in the coal industry will also not return.  The demand for coal will continue to decline as the price of other energy sources continue to fall and as machines do more of the work that had been done by human labor.  The only real issue is whether Trump can continue to sell his campaign slogan to his rust belt base.  Its more likely that Trump will revert to selling more traditional Republican social and cultural slogans to his base.

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