Saturday, December 10, 2016

Exxon Mobile CEO Top Candidate For Secretary of State

It is pretty clear that energy policies will high on Trump's to do list.  His top candidate for Secretary of State is the CEO of the largest energy company in the US.  Exxon Mobile has business deals with many partners across the globe.  Included among them is Russia whose economy is heavily dependent upon energy exports.  US intelligence agencies just released a report which concluded that Russian intelligence agencies had hacked into the computers operated by the Republican National Committee as well as the Democratic National Committee.  No data were released about information hacked from the RNC.  Data from the DNC computers were released prior to the election.  There is some speculation that Russia may have attempted to influence the US election by releasing the data from the DNC.  In any case,  this fuels speculation about the shared interest that Trump and Russia have in the energy industry.  Trump appointed a critic of the Environmental Protection Agency to its leadership position and the Trump transition team is engaged in a witch hunt at the EPA.  Efforts to reduce carbon emissions by governments is a threat to the energy industries in the US and to Russia.

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