Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Donald's Choices For The State Department

This NYT editorial is critical of Trump's nominees for key positions in his government.  What the editorial does not  explain why Trump is willing to risk a tough approval process for them in Congress.  His choices fit into a broader scheme of his plans for running our country.  The NYT owes it to the public to put his choices into context.  The Donald has no intention of being a traditional president who respects the two party system and liberal democracy.  He intends to be more like autocrats who are rising to power in Europe. Curiously,  Trump claimed that he opposed the Iraq war during his campaign.  He recently criticized the CIA for justifying the war by claiming that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction.  John Bolton was one of the architects for the Iraq invasion and he was instrumental in turning the ambiguous data from US intelligence into a justification for the Bush Administration's invasion.  He may be just the kind of deputy that Trump wants in the State Department.

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