Sunday, December 4, 2016

Trump's Carrier Deal Unites Democrats And Conservatives

John Cochrane is a conservative economist from the University of Chicago.  He was very upset with Trump's Carrier deal for all the right reasons.  It was good politics, but it sets a very bad precedent.  Cochrane provides some of the responses to the Carrier deal. He is pleased that most of the comments from the left and the right oppose the deal.  He was unhappy, however, with an editorial by a conservative Peggy Noonan in the Wall Street Journal.  She reminded her readers that John Kennedy did something similar when he asked steel industry executives not to raise prices because it would undermine his efforts to battle inflation.  When the steel industry decided to raise prices Kennedy responded by using his Attorney General to go after the steel industry.  That is exactly the kind of thing we anticipate from President Trump.  It was a very bad idea but Peggy Noonan argued that sometimes it is good to do bad things.  She was a Trump critic until he won the election.  He can't be all bad if he can put the Republican Party in the White House.

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