Friday, December 16, 2016

Trump May Appoint A TV Star As Head Of Council Of Economic Advisers

Donald Trump was better known as a TV personality before he turned his fame into his current position as our president elect.  He also has no respect for science.  He discounts the mass of evidence accumulated by climate scientists about global warming because it is inconsistent with his political objectives.  Therefore, we should not be surprised if Donald Trump chooses a TV star to head up his Council of Economic Advisers.  Prominent economists have filled that role under previous presidents.  Trump may give that position to a TV personality who has demonstrated his incompetence during his career as a pretend economist on TV. Larry Kudlow is perfect for the job.  It will be a perfect match between a fake president and a fake economist.  Kudlow preaches an economic gospel that will fit in well with Trump's gospel for "Making America Great Again".  Tax cuts for the rich, and for corporations, along with deregulation, is the magic formula for both of them. Kudlow may not get the nomination but it would be a "match in heaven deferred".

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