Friday, December 16, 2016

Marco Rubio May Play "Little Marco" Over Tillerson Nomination

Donald Trump knocked Marco Rubio out of the GOP campaign for the presidential nomination by defeating him in his home state of Florida.  Trump also toyed with him during the campaign.  He called him "Little Marco".  After dropping out of the nomination campaign Rubio turned his attention to winning reelection to the Senate.  He has an important role in the Senate that could be harmful to Trump's nomination of Rex Tillerson for his Secretary of State.  Rubio issued a tweet expressing his concerns about Tillerson's nomination and that got him in trouble with important donors to his campaign from Texas and even a phone call from former Vice President Dick Cheney.  The heat has been put on Rubio from high places.  It would be surprising if he did not return to being "little Marco" for The Donald. He learned his lesson well during the nomination campaign.  "Don't mess with the guy who has small hands".  His hands are bigger than they may appear.  The Donald also claims that is true of the rest of his anatomy.

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