Monday, December 12, 2016

Russia's Next Election Tinkering Campaign

Russia successfully influenced the outcome of the US election.  This article describes how the same process is underway in Germany.  It may have more problems in Germany than it had in the US for a couple of reasons.  The German economy has been working pretty well for most of its citizens and Chancellor Markel is not an ally of Putin.  On the other hand, German citizens are very concerned about the influx of Syrian refugees who are fleeing from the civil war in Syria that is being inflamed by Russia.  The strategic messages, and the use of fake media in Germany to deliver the messages, are similar to those which were employed in the US election.

 There is also a link between the rise of right wing populism in Europe and the Trump administration.  Trump's strategy manager who operates a fake news site is closely connected to the populist movements in Europe.  He has taught Trump how to employ similar strategies in the US.  Some might wonder why Trump would ally himself with authoritarian parties in Europe and with Putin.  The short answer is that Trump is no fan of democracy.  He is more comfortable when he has total control over an organization.  He has captured the Republican Party and he is in the process of gaining total control over the remaining dissenters in the party.  His election victory has also weakened any opposition that he might encounter from Democrats.  He would like to run the US in the same way that Putin runs Russia.

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