Wednesday, December 14, 2016

How An Eagle Scout Became Trump's Nominee For Secretary Of State

This article describes the reporter's understanding of the complex process that led to Trump's choice of his nominee for Secretary of State.  It describes the problems that Trump had with some of the other candidates, as well as how the Exxon Mobile CEO (Tillerson) came to Trump's attention.  A former CIA Director (Gates), under both Bush and Obama, recommended the Exxon Mobile CEO.  He had worked with him on the board of the Boy Scouts of America.  He claimed that the best way he could describe Tillerson was to state that he had been an Eagle Scout.  The former Secretary of State (Rice) under Bush had become familiar with him on the golf course, and both Gates and Rice had consulted with Exxon Mobil and were impressed with him enough to recommend him to Trump.  He also impressed Trump who is more comfortable with business leaders than he is with politicians.  We don't learn much about Tillerson in this article but there are some interesting comments about the candidates who fell out of favor with Trump.

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