Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Post Truth World Defense System On Display

Donald Trump tweets something that is not true.  His defenders claim that it does not matter whether his claims are supported by evidence.  He can say the opposite the next day and that's OK too.  He has a right to change his mind.  This article is about the "Post Truth" world that we live in today.  Its a world in which the media is blamed for being biased when they report that Trump contradicts himself or that he has told another lie.  Fact checking is just another liberal/progressive plot. 

The comments that follow this article help to make the major point of this article.  Many of the comments are critical of our post truth reality under Trump.  On the other hand,  Trump's defenders are well prepared to dismiss the criticisms.  One of their common defense mechanisms is to change the subject.  They are equipped with an assortment of "lies" that are attributed to progressives in general or to Obama and Clinton.  Its OK if Trump lies because the other side lies.  That perfectly describes the post truth world that we are entering. 

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