Monday, December 12, 2016

The Tainted Election And What Can Be Done

Paul Krugman explains how we should respond to the result of an election that was tainted by foreign intervention into the election.  We should prevent this tainted president from destroying our democratic system.  He claims that he will make America great again for citizens who have not benefited from rapid economic and cultural changes.  His appointments to key offices suggest otherwise.  He is a Republican on steroids.  He is surrounding himself with individuals who have no interest in ordinary Americans.  Many of them are like himself.  They have become rich and powerful by taking advantage of policies that have been harmful to most of the Americans who have purchased the snake oil that The Donald sold to them.  It will only take a few Republican senators to keep him from turning our nation into a banana republic.  The media must not make the mistake of treating this pretender to the throne he is seeking like he is an ordinary president.  He is a predator and  the media should hold him accountable.  If they fail to do so they will disappear in due order.  Our new president will intimidate them, until they submit to his desire for praise, or they will be replaced by the fake news sources that have been misinforming the public.  It would be a mistake to act as if we are not in great peril and permit an authoritarian personality from destroying what remains of our democracy. 

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