Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A Brief History Of A Political Party That Paved The Way For Donald Trump

A conservative intellectual, who campaigned for Marco Rubio, explains why Donald Trump is the logical heir to Republican Party.  The conservative ideals of the Republican Party are no longer the core ideas that inspire the voters who voted for Donald Trump.  The process began with Barry Goldwater's response to the civil rights movement, and it became more visible with Richard Nixon's Southern strategy.  The Republican Party's "moral majority" was built upon a foundation of white nationalism.  Donald Trump understood this better than his primary campaign opponents who based their campaigns on core conservative ideals that primary voters identified with the GOP establishment.  Trump's victory over the GOP establishment candidates spells the end of a political party based upon traditional conservative ideals.  It is doubtful that this process can be reversed.  We need a center-right political party that reflects conservative ideals, but it is unlikely that a political party that has been captured by Donald Trump will be that party.  Many conservative intellectuals recognize what has happened and they are proposing ways to return the Republican Party back to its core conservative ideals.  However, they can't win national elections without the voters captured by Trump.  Conservative intellectuals are late to the game.  They refused to recognize what was happening in the Republican Party until Donald Trump took it away from them.

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