Friday, July 29, 2016

David Brooks Compares The GOP And Democrat Conventions

David Brooks claims that the Democratic Party has captured the summer by putting on a superior convention.  He explains how Trump has saved the Democratic Party.  Lots of bad things happened under Obama but they were able to mask them by looking much more organized than the convention put on the "Chaos Candidate" who captured the GOP nomination.

Brooks was especially displeased because Trump gave the Democrats an opportunity seize themes that had defined the GOP in the past.  They offered an optimistic view of the future. They also identified their party with middle class values. They also presented themselves as the patriotic party, capable of self rule, versus the GOP which required rescue by a savior.  The left wing fringe of the Democratic Party also was less menacing than the lunatic fringe of the GOP base captured by Trump.  Brooks blamed many Republican leaders for remaining silent while they gave their party away to Trump.

Brooks closed by asking whether it really mattered that the Democrats won the convention battle.  He suggested that the country may have changed so much that what used to win elections no longer works.

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