Friday, July 22, 2016

Mr. Republican Announces Death Of Republican Party

David Brooks has been a spokesperson for many of the ideas that he associated with his favorite political party.  The Donald Trump convention convinced him that the political party that he loved is dead.  It has no ideas that connect it together.  In fact, it is a party without ideas.  It is all about the personality of Donald Trump and hatred for the leaders and the liberalism of the Democratic Party.  The Donald would "Make America Great Again" by eliminating his political enemies in both of our political parties.  They have destroyed the nation that he will form around himself.

Brooks' obituary does not even contain a hope for a resurrection of the Republican Party.  Its leaders have caved into The Donald because their only real purpose is to win elections.  The Party nominated him and they want him to become our president because their most important idea is win elections.  It matters little to them that he does not share their ideology.  Its all about winning elections.

Brooks hopes that Ted Cruz, who he does not like, may be able to cobble the Party back again but he fails to recognize that the faction of the Party that Cruz has led is part of the reason for Trump's success.  Trump has captured many of the evangelicals and dispossessed that Cruz and others have cultivated to win elections.  They hate Liberals but they are not in love with the elites in the Party who champion many of the ideologies that have not been helpful to them.  The Republican Party destroyed itself by cultivating the Tea Party adherents who prefer Trump to Ted Cruz.

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