Friday, July 22, 2016

Trump's Victory Speech At GOP Convention

This article provides a good summary of Trump's speech.  It has a link to the full transcript of the speech.  Ironically, he proclaims that the Democratic Party, led by Hillary Clinton, is the Party of corporate elites who have benefited from globalization at the expense of the ordinary people who he will represent in government.  Trump is the fighter that the people need to take the country back from billionaires who exported jobs and manufacturing plants to foreign countries.  He will also protect the country from immigrants and Islamic terrorists have been encouraged by the weakness of Democratic leaders like Obama and Hillary Clinton.  He is the champion of nationalism in a globalized world that favors multiculturalism, and political correctness, over "Real Americans".  His campaign will be based upon fear and hatred along with the weakness his political opposition.

Trump is not only the strong leader and personal savior that our nation needs in a time of peril.  He is also a celebrity.  He has used his celebrity, along with his celebrity family, powerfully at the convention.  He recognizes the importance of the People Magazine crowd to his campaign.  Celebrity worship is a powerful tool that few politicians have been able to tap as well as The Donald.  We have not seen this in US politics since the Kennedy era.  His wife is even more beautiful than Jackie and his children also look like movie stars.

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