Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Bill O'Reilly Tells Us That Slaves Who Built White House Were Well Fed

Bill O'Reilly is provided with a platform on Fox News that gives him an opportunity to color events in ways that pleases Fox viewers.  This is good for business, and his coloring of events has helped to transform the Republican Party into the Trump Party.  Michell Obama delivered a powerful speech at the Democratic Convention that illustrated the progress that has been made in the US.  She and her children live in the White House that was built by slaves.  A nation that condoned slavery elected a black president.  Bill O'Reilly was not happy with the First Lady's version of progress.  He told his audience that the slaves were well fed while they built the White House.  Slavery was not so bad after all in O'Reilly's version of history.  Of course, O'Reilly has the freedom to create his own history if it is good for business and his politics.  The real history of the use of slaves to build the White House is quite different from O'Reilly's invention which deflates the progress that Michele Obama intended to convey. 

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