Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Britain Releases Report On Blair's Decision To Join US Invasion Of Iraq

After seven years of study Britain released its report on its decision to join the US invasion of Iraq.  The report is highly critical of Tony Blair's role in the decision.  In particular, it states that no evidence was offered to show that Iraq was producing weapons of mass destruction.  It is very clear that Blair placed its relationship with the US government above all other considerations.  The report focuses on Blair's involvement in the decision but it also provides details about the Bush Administration's decision to pursue regime change in Iraq while ignoring many of the identified problems that might arise in the aftermath of regime change.  Many of the identified problems have come home to roost in Mid-East and elsewhere.  Bush praised Blair's decision to join the US invasion as an act of leadership.  Implicitly, he viewed his decision also as an act of leadership.    

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