Sunday, July 10, 2016

Why Did George Bush Decide To Invade Iraq?

We have learned that US intelligence did not tell Bush that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and that there was no link between Hussein and a terrorist group that was responsible for 9/11.  We also learned that Bush was warned that the invasion might increase the risk of terrorism.  If we assume that Bush and his advisors acted in the public interest there must be some reason why we were told lies in order to justify the invasion.  That is the real question about the decision to invade Iraq.  What was the public interest that motivated Bush and his team to lie to the public and take the known risks that might follow from their decision?  Some believe that Bush had a personal grudge against Hussein because he planned to assassinate his father.  That would not have motivated his top advisors to take the known risks of an invasion that would lead to the loss of American lives and large numbers of innocent civilian lives.  We still don't have a full understanding of the considerations that motivated Bush and his team of advisors.

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