Monday, July 25, 2016

Russian Hackers Release E-Mails From DNC

Computer e-mail files on servers used by the Democratic National Committee were hacked and released to Wikilinks just prior to the Democratic National Convention.  The e-mails show that DNC leaders were partial to Hillary Clinton in her campaign against Bernie Sanders.  The release of the e-mails may have been intended to drive a wedge between those who supported Sanders and Hillary Clinton.  The hackers are known to US intelligence agencies.  They have an an unofficial connection to Russian government agencies which may have sponsored their attack.  The reason for the attack is unknown but it suggests that Russian leaders may be attempting to support Donald Trump's campaign.  Trump has worked with Russian investors and government officials on major real estate projects.  He has also proposed a major change in US relationships with NATO.  In particular, Trump would not use US forces in NATO in the Baltic unless the affected nations fund any military efforts that might be required.

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