Tuesday, November 8, 2016

David Brooks Makes The Case For A Third Political Party

David Brooks has been a consistent advocate for the Republican Party.  In his last article before the election he abandons the Republican Party.  It is now a Populist Party headed by Donald Trump.  Furthermore, the Sanders' wing of the Democratic Party also promotes a form of populism.  He makes a case for a third political party that can occupy the political center.  He understands the obstacles to a third political party but he can no longer find a home in either of our major political parties.  One might argue that the third political party that he describes seems much like the Democratic Party.  In any case, he acknowledges that his bond with the Republican Party has been severed.  Donald Trump has made it impossible for him to ignore the transformation that has been underway ever since Ricard Nixon adopted the "Southern Strategy" and pursued the "Moral Majority" in order to win elections.  Its exploitation of racism, cultural and religious issues to divide our society has worked all too well.  It is no longer represents the ideals that David Brooks can support. It is now defined by the segment of the electorate that it has captured.

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