Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Right Way To Resist Trump: Don't Do What Failed In Italy

Italy suffered many years from the Silvio Berlusconi dynasty.  He was a demagogue like Trump but his opponents used the wrong strategies to defeat him.  This article tells us to avoid those strategies so that we can prevent a Trump dynasty.  We should avoid attacking Trump's personality and character; that only inspires resistance in his supporters and among independents who accept the results of the Italian elections.  He was unseated by candidates who debated the issues with Berlusconi and even supported some his ideas.  For example, Trump wants to promote infrastructure investment in the US.  Democrats will not agree entirely with his approach but they might find ways to support him on ideas that they have in common.  Trump also inspired his base, that hates Wall Street, by advocating for reinstating the law which requires banks to separate retail banking from investment banking.  The Democrats might do well to support this effort, which Trump most likely never intended to promote, after winning the election.  Lastly, the Democratic Party needs to find effective younger candidates who are not regarded as part of the Democratic establishment.

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