Tuesday, November 22, 2016

David Brooks Tells Us To Give Trump A Chance

David Brooks has been a critic of The Donald.  In this article he suggests that Trump was right about the plight of many working class Americans.  Perhaps his critics should listen to them.  Furthermore, he directs criticism to our failing public school system that has not educated Trump's base supporters.  He then turns his attention to the professional class that has good schools but has little sympathy for Trump's supporters.  He suggests that they are part of the elite class that insults Trump's base.

David Brooks was very unhappy with Trump's rise prior to his victory. In particular, he worried that his favorite political party was damaged by Trump's rise and suggested that it was time to think about a third party that would embody the conservative principles of the Republican Party that he admired.  He is no longer talking about a third party.  His fellow conservatives, and most of the Republican establishment, have decided to take advantage of the opportunity provided by Trump's takeover of the White House.  Trump may be the leader that they needed to make the changes that conservatives have been unable to make in our political system.  The Republican Party is alive and well.  Its the Democratic Party that is in trouble.  David Brooks can resume his career as a cheerleader for the Republican Party.

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