Monday, November 28, 2016

Why Corruption Matters

Paul Krugman explain how the potential for corruption is amplified by Donald Trump's far flung business empire.  Some governments might strike deals with The Donald in return for foreign policy considerations.  There is nothing to prevent this from happening when the Trump deal is with a foreign power that is not constrained by a free press and elected officials.  Of course, crony capitalism of the usual sort would also take place in a Trump government.  He has already nominated individuals to important positions who would be free to take advantage their positions.  For example, he appointed an advocate for privatizing public education as his Education Secretary.  She is primarily driven by ideology but her ideology opens the door for entrepreneurs to establish for profit schools that are funded by government.  Schools with a profit incentive have a very poor record.  The Donald's Trump University is a case in point.  Students took out government supported loans to pursue careers by taking courses and seminars with instructors without relevant business or teaching experience. 

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