Tuesday, November 15, 2016

How Did Clinton Lose Wisconsin and Michigan?

Almost everyone thought the Clinton would win Wisconsin and Michigan.  These have been Democratic states that depend upon building big leads in their major cities.  In Wisconsin's largest metropolitan area Clinton did much worse that Obama and Trump did worse than Romney in the 2012 election.  Clinton would have won Wisconsin if Obama voters had turned out for her. It didn't help her campaign that Clinton invested her resources in battleground states that were thought to be more competitive.

There was a similar story in Wayne County which is home to Michigan's largest city Detroit.  Trump did a bit better than Romney did in 2012 but Clinton would have won Michigan if she had done as well as Obama did in 2012 in the Detroit area.

This story was discussed at a meeting of progressive donors who have been supporters of Democratic candidates.  The focus was on ideology.  The Clinton campaign did not produce the messages that were needed to produce the turnout that would have won these elections.

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