Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Day After The Election

This election has forced us to look at the underside of our nation and of our democracy.  The hurricane will hit on November 8.  The harm will be unimaginable if we elect an ignorant sociopath as our president.  This NYT editorial reminds us of the many problems we will still face if we avoid the worse case scenario of a Trump presidency.  Trump has exploited the real concerns of many Americans who believe that they have been ignored by our leaders.  However, that is only part of the story.  The great majority of well educated and economically advantaged Republicans will vote for Donald Trump.  They place party loyalty above the national interest.  That includes most of their political leaders who opposed Trump for good reasons.  Their opposition to Trump gave way along with his rise in the polls.  They will make it difficult for Hillary Clinton to take any steps that might be good for the majority of Americans, including those who would have been abandoned by President Trump soon after he won the election with their votes.  The far right media that helped to create Donald Trump will not disappear after the election.  They will continue to misinform the public and make efforts to delegitimize President Clinton just as they did with President Obama.  Hopefully, we can avoid the worse case scenario in which the right wing media provide the propaganda for President Trump. 

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