Friday, November 18, 2016

Post Truth Politics Is The New Standard

Politicians have a difficult job, they most run for elections which equires them to raise funds for their campaigns and to avoid the loss of potential voters.  Its not surprising that we don't expect politicians to be absolutely honest.  Donald Trump has taken dishonesty to a new level.  He lies about almost everything and his supporters have no interest in fact checking.  He told his supporters that he was going to prevent jobs from moving to foreign countries.  The Ford Motor company had no plans to close one of its plants in Louisville Kentucky. It made a decision about the allocation of two its models which concentrated the production of one its models in Louisville and shifted the production of another model to another US plant.  The Donald used Twitter, which lets him say anything that he pleases, to tell his Twitter followers that he prevented Ford from closing the Louisville plant.  He had nothing to do with that decision but that make no difference to The Donald.  We live in fact free world under our President Elect.  The media allows him to say whatever he wants and facts have no bearing on what The Donal tells his loyalists.

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