Friday, November 25, 2016

The Privatization Of Everything

Donald Trump has no particular ideology, but he won the election as a Republican.  He is surrounded by Tea Party Republicans who have influenced the government appointments he has made.  This article shows how Trump's appointment of the federal Education Secretary fits into a privatization pattern that is consistent with the far right wing of the GOP.  It operates under the assumption that government should turn over the operation of government programs to private industry.  Privatizing education, by promoting charter schools and the use of government vouchers, is just another plank in the far right dream of siphoning tax dollars into for- profit enterprises.  Trump's Education Secretary is a member of the Koch Brother organization that has been laying the groundwork for the privatization of everything.  Her brother is the head of the Blackwater firm that provided mercenaries to the Bush Administration during the Iraq war. She has little interest in providing a higher quality education; she opposed a law that would close down failing charter schools in Michigan.

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