Thursday, July 27, 2017

Anarchy In The White House

The Donald's new communication guru sent out a tweet accusing the White House chief of staff of leaking information contained in the disclosure he submitted for his job in the Import/Export Bank.  He has been barely on the job and he publically attacks his boss.  Moreover, he failed to understand that there was no leak.  His disclosure contains public information.  He is just the kind of guy that The Donald needs on his staff. Uniformed, a liar and a publicity hound who expresses boundless love for The Donald when he is invited to appear on TV.  There are, of course, leakers in the White House. That is merely a symptom of the disarray in the White House.  People don't really know who is charge, and they are anxious about their job security.  Moreover,  The Donald keeps changing his mind about almost everything. They have to wait for his next tweet to understand his latest position.

The Donald issued a tweet that banned transgenders from military service.  That was a total surprise to his Secretary Of Defense who was on vacation.  Officials in the Defense Department can't discuss how they will implement the ban because it does not exist.  They have not received an official document that is required to describe the policy and its implementation.  The Donald does not seem to understand that tweets are not official documents.

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