Wednesday, July 12, 2017

How Fox News Covered Donald Trump Jr. Meeting

I tend to ignore Fox News and focus on legitimate news sources.  On the other hand Fox News is the primary news source for many Republicans and Trump supporters.  Consequently, I though that it would be helpful for folks who do not get their information from Fox News to view how it covered the issues.  In a sense, Fox News does what news sources in Russia tend to do for Putin.  It finds a way to defuse bad news for Trump and it exaggerates good Trump news when it is available.  It is not surprising that Trump supporters live in a different world than many of us.  The thing separates the US from Russia is that Trump's efforts to subvert the reporting from legitimate news sources has not worked.  Most Americans do not believe that the NYT and Washington Post are fake news sources as Trump and Fox News claim.  Without legitimate news sources and an independent judiciary we would look more like Russia does today.  Many Russians are happy with their system.  They don't respect democracy but they have never experienced it.  It is messy, and it does not always reflect popular opinion, but most Americans would rather have this messy system than the less messy Russian system of governance.

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