Monday, July 31, 2017

How Well Is Trump Doing?

The Donald continues to issue tweets to communicate exclusively to his base.  He capitalizes on opportunities to run campaign rallies for his base even though he won the election.  He needs their cheers and their responses to his campaign slogans.  This assures him that he is doing well but his staff, and the Republican Congress, have not been pulling their weight.  This confirms his tendency to do everything himself.  Nobody can do anything as well as The Donald.  This editorial makes an interesting point.  The Donald has been able to charm his base, but his love affair with Americans who get their information from Fox News and talk radio has created a reaction in America and across the globe.  

The more that people learn about Trump, and the values that he promotes, the less they want Trumpism.  The Donald may have done everyone a favor by putting himself on display.  He is still dangerous, and he needs to be contained,  but he has taught a lot of people a lesson.  You have to be careful about what you believe that you need,  You may get it.  Many of the defense mechanisms that are underway in the US, and in other nations, are well described in this editorial.  The Donald will react in predictable ways to the opposing forces but that will only strengthen the resistance to his disease.

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