Monday, July 17, 2017

Trump's GOP Has Become The Anti-Truth Political Party

A recent poll showed that most Americans, even Republicans, don't trust Donald Trump's respect for the truth.  He has demonstrated his lack of affection for honesty for most of his life.  Paul Krugman has been looking at the Republican Party's defense of its healthcare bill and he has concluded that if the Trump Administration says something, the default assumption is that it is a lie.  The Republican healthcare bill is not just an assault on healthcare; it is an assault on truth itself.  Krugman lists many of the lies made by Republican leaders in defense of the bill.  The biggest lie of all proves his point. The non partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO), is expected to release its report on the bill this week.  It will not be good news for the Republican Party.  Consequently, Republicans have begun an attack on the CBO.  They are claiming that the CBO is just another source of "fake news".  Donald Trump and his allies in Trump's political party are taking the position that they are the only source of truthfulness.  The Republican Party entered that arena with its denial of climate change.  They claimed that the scientific community provided "fake news" on climate change.  Now we are being told that we can't trust the CBO to be truthful.  Apparently, the Republican Party wants to become the only valid source of information in America.  Trump has turned it into the "Anti-Truth" political party.  We don't expect politicians to be completely honest about everything but the GOP has taken lying to a new level.  Trump's cabinet is full of liars and they are being joined by Republican senators who are committed to pass a terrible healthcare bill by any means.

Trump's visit to Poland may have encouraged its government to declare war against it judicial system.  It has taken steps to politicize its judicial system.  It will no longer be able to hold the executive branch accountable to its constitution.  Trump has been attacking our judicial since he has taken office.  What's happening in Poland is probably on the agenda of Trump's Republican Party.  One of America's top business executives explains why Trump's political party is a threat to our economic future as well as to our political system

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